Calvary Corvallis International Missions Outreach

Calvary Corvallis is adjusting its Missions vision to emphasize two paths of service in the area of cross-cultural ministries. Along with long-term missionary care and short-term missions, we will pursue an even greater emphasis on outreach to local international students who attend Oregon State University each year. About two years ago, while at a senior leader retreat, the senior staff of Calvary Corvallis sensed a greater opportunity for our church to reach the nations right here in Corvallis, realizing a need to focus on the students attending OSU. There are many efforts by local churches in reaching out to international students and many ways in which our own church is currently involved. The hope is to bring a cohesive and connected vision in the areas where our church family is already involved, as well as new God-inspired ideas to come, and also to eventually encourage interconnection between both local and overseas outreach.

Overseas Cross-Cultural Outreach

Long-Term Missionary Care

There are many individuals and families who are part of our church family but have chosen to lay down their lives in service to God by leaving the comforts they have known and stepping into new and often unknown places in the world. Our church supports them through varying levels of financial sponsorship and through prayer and encouragement.

Short-Term Missions

We send out short-term teams on trips that are typically one to two weeks long to locations around the world. Teams evangelize, work on projects, and support established ministries.

Local Cross-Cultural Outreach

Outreach To International Students

There are approximately 3,300 international students representing over 100 different nations attending OSU this year and the number will be higher next year. The nations are coming to us right here in Corvallis! For most of these students, experiencing the American culture is both exciting and overwhelming. This opens doors of opportunity for our church to reach out, providing ways for international students to connect in safe environments. Many events sponsored by Calvary have been in existence for some time and will continue to grow. Others are just being birthed.

Missionary Application and Expectations

We ask that people who desire to ‘be sent’ from Calvary Corvallis fill out an application (application form) and that application include: 

  1. Personal contact information including place of residence. 
  2. Call to ministry/mission. How has God called you to the mission field and specifically to the ministry designated?
  3. A brief description of the ministry proposed including location and timing (when leaving and duration).
  4. Contact information from their coordinating/sending agency (Calvary Corvallis will not administer the support and finances of applicants except for short-term ministry specifically sponsored by Calvary Corvallis).
  5. Proposed budget both ongoing monthly and/or one time needs.
  6. At least three written references from within the body including at least one recognized leader (elder, staff member, House Church leader, etc.) 
  7. Personal interview with Missions Team to share details of heart and vision.

The missions team will send recommended applications to the Senior Leadership for their input and approval. Final approval of recommended financial contributions will be sent to the Board of Directors for their approval. Approved applicants will conduct their support raising under the supervision of a designated missions team member.

It is the desire of our church that members going to the mission field be ‘well sent’. To that end we
ask that applicants for long-term missions: 

  1. Have a demonstrated understanding and maturity level in the fundamentals of the faith and doctrine.
  2. Consider going through Cornerstone School of Ministry.
  3. Be part of a House Church.
  4. Not be released to go without raising their full support.
  5. Send regular progress reports (weekly) to the designated mission’s team member while raising their support.
  6. Keep the body informed of their work/mission regularly (at least monthly) while on the field. 
  7. Coordinate visits home with the mission’s team.
  8. Keep the missions team fully informed of issues that affect their work, both positive and negative, from a ministry stand point and a personal stand point, including but not limited to financial support, ministry-personal-family issues,
    visa issues, health, etc.
  9. Prior to leaving, consider being involved in working with local international students through the various events organized by the CC International outreach. Other organizations may qualify, as well.

Raising Support

Raising support within the Calvary Corvallis church body is generally defined as solicitation of financial support for the purpose of missions (either long-term of short-term) by communicating to the body as a whole, or in part, through means approved by the missions team and church leadership. Examples of this are: Open invitation meetings to church members, whether held at church or in private homes; Announcements in the church bulletin or speaking before the church; any presentation on church property displaying or discussing the need for support.

  • Any “raising of support” as defined above must be approved through the Missionary Application process.
  • After an applicant meets with the missions team, a recommendation will be provided to the senior leadership team of Calvary Corvallis for final approval.
  • Support raising for missions is limited to regular CC attenders.
  • CC specifically prohibits using the church directory for solicitation of funds and asks that support come through established relationships, appeals to the body through the leadership of the church, including Missions Café, or specific referrals from these established relationships. 

“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the

nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them

to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the

age,” Matthew 28:18-20