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  • The Father and the Feast, 04/13: mp3
  • The Elder Brother, 04/06: mp3
  • The Younger Brother, 03/31: mp3
  • Be Faithful!, 03/23: mp3

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Heavenward by Ryan Smith

Notes from Sunday Mornings

Notes, links and resources from recent Calvary Corvallis Messages

Looking for the Billy Graham videos we watched Nov. 3, 10 and 17? You can find them here


The History of Calvary Corvallis?

New to Calvary Corvallis? Learn about the history of Calvary Corvallis.

God’s past faithfulness demands our present trust in Him!

God’s Word encourages His people to “feed on His past faithfulness” in order to endure in our present sufferings.

1 “The Faithfulness of God I” mp3
2 “The Faithfulness of God II” mp3
3 “The Faithfulness of God IIImp3
4 “Who We are Where We are Going” mp3

Reckless Drama - Tonight!

Come to LaSells Stewart Center on the OSU campus tonight at 6:30 (show starts at 7) to see the performance of Reckless! Go to RecklessDrama.com for more info.

Coming up at Calvary Corvallis:

Reckless Drama
Thursday, Apr. 17 - Saturday, Apr. 19
Shasta Retreat
Thursday, May. 8 - Sunday, May. 11
Women's Retreat
Friday, May. 16 - Sunday, May. 18

Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.

— James 4:7