This Week's Bulletin

LUNCH ANYONE? We’ve been learning in the book of Acts on Sunday mornings that a Spirit-filled church is a church that eats together. Invite someone from our body out to lunch or over to your home today!

CORNERSTONE SCHOOL OF MINISTRY: The school year has begun with a wonderful group of new students. Pick up their prayer request flier today from the CSOM table in the courtyard and keep these students in prayer.

FIRST WOMEN’S FALL BIBLE STUDY/SALAD POTLUCK: Ladies, join us this Tuesday, October 6th from 9 am-Noon in the Sanctuary for a rich time of prayer and Bible study in the book of 2 Peter. Plan on staying for sweet fellowship as we enjoy a POTLUCK lunch. Childcare is provided. Call Cindy for info at 541-752-2851.

MEN’S RETREAT: Our Men’s Retreat “Here Am I” is next weekend, October 9-11th at Suttle Lake. There is an opportunity to pay for your Men’s Retreat by working on the Prayer Chapel. For more info call Ron Mullen, 541-753-3919. Today is the last day to sign-up in the
Courtyard. Cost is $115.

PRAYER CHAPEL REMODEL: Fall is here and we need your help. If you are available
call Erik Laursen for more info at 541-990-8588.

MORNING OFFERING: During construction of the Prayer Chapel, Morning Offering is now meeting in the Multi-Purpose Room Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 am, and Thursday at 7 am.

REAL LIFE COLLEGE MINISTRY: Real Life has begun Tuesdays, at 7 pm in Snell Hall/
International Forum. Join us! Email or for more info.

HOUSE CHURCH VISION, MISSION AND PASSION: Our HC VISION, MISSION, and PASSION is that the larger gathering here on Sunday would flow into smaller House Churches throughout the week! If you haven’t signed up yet, stop by the House Church table today!

YOUNG MARRIED LIFE GROUPS: Let us help you get plugged into a Life Group. These groups are designed for young couples that want to grow together and have fun meeting others. Call Chris Lang for more info at 541-760-1905.

NEW TO CALVARY? Would you like to have lunch with one of the elders to find out more about our church? Fill out the info part of your bulletin and hand it to one of the ushers.

LOST AND FOUND: We have a number of Bibles and various articles left here at the church. Please stop by the table in the Children’s Ministry entrance and look for things that might belong to you or your family.

ELDERS PRAYER: Are you sick or in need of prayer? Call on the Elders of your church to pray and anoint you with oil. The Elders are available at each Saturday Night Prayer Meeting and on Sundays after the service. For more info email Pastor Rick at


  • Women’s Bible Study/Soup Lunch Starts – October 6th
  • Men’s Retreat – October 9-11th
  • Women’s Fall Extravaganza – November 7th
  • Real Life Fall Retreat – November 13-15th
  • THRIVE Marriage Dinner – December 1st
  • Children’s Christmas Presentation – December 20th
  • Christmas Eve Service – December 24th

MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDY: Will be in the Middle School Room. Cody, 541-752-2851.
HIGH SCHOOL STUDY: Will be in the Amphitheater. Jake, 541-752-2851.
SPANISH SPEAKING SERVICE: 2 pm in the Sanctuary. Pastor Moy, 541-971-2578.

MORNING OFFERING PRAYER: Join John Carbonaro from 6-7 am in the Multi-Purpose Room.
MEN’S BIBLE STUDY: 7-9 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room. Lynn, 541-990-3131

MORNING OFFERING PRAYER: Join Tom Ewers from 6-7 am in the Multi-Purpose Room.
WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY/LUNCH: 9 am in the Sanctuary. Cindy, 541-752-2851.
BREAK EVERY CHAIN: 6:30 pm, healing from your hurts, habits and hang-ups in the Family Room. Contact Jerry Bumgarner, 541-990-5762.
COLLEGE REAL LIFE BIBLE STUDY: 7 pm in Snell Hall/International Forum. Pastor Ryan, 541-752-2851.

MORNING OFFERING PRAYER: Join Randall Ney from 6-7 am in the Multi-Purpose Room.
MIDDLE SCHOOL MIDWEEK: 7-9 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room. Cody, 541-752-2851.
HIGH SCHOOL MIDWEEK: 7-9 pm in the Sanctuary. Jake, 541-752-2851.

MORNING OFFERING PRAYER: Join the staff of Calvary Chapel from 7-8 am in the Multi-Purpose Room.

MORNING OFFERING PRAYER: Join Allan Fleming from 6-7 am in the Multi-Purpose Room.

MEN’S MORNING BIBLE STUDY: 7-9 am at Monkey Fridays in the Two Rivers Market, Albany. Jay, 541-974-5393.
CHURCH PRAYER MEETING: 6-7:30 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room. Childcare is available for children 3 years old–5th grade.