This Week's Bulletin

POTTERS FIELD: Don’t miss this outreach opportunity to invite a friend, neighbor or family member to the March 15th Sunday morning service with Mike and Pam Rozelle. The entire service will be an artistic and vivid illustration of the relationship that mankind has with God.

SHARE YOUR ARTISTIC GIFT THIS EASTER: Are you an artist who would like to share your art with our body? This Easter we will be displaying artwork in the Foyer. If you have art you would like to share, contact Trey Phillips at or 541-974-0668, and email a jpeg photo of your piece of art to Trey.

SHORT TERM OUTREACHES: There are two teams forming:

  • Harvest Teams International is going to Uganda. Contact Bryan at
  • A small team going with Pheap Chab to Cambodia.
    For more info contact Chad Weaver at 503-791-1621.

BAPTISM: The baptismal will be open today immediately after the service if you are interested in being baptized. Baptisms will take place the first Sunday of the month.

PRAYER CHAPEL REMODEL: Work on fixing the Chapel and making a new room for youth meetings will be starting soon. If you have expertise in carpentry, wiring, plumbing, flooring or other construction trade and want to help, contact Erik Laursen at 541-990-5153 or

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME: Don’t forget to change your clocks ahead next Saturday night.

Are you interested in being a conversation partner for internationals in our community? There is a fantastic program and location to use as well as many students and visiting professors wanting to connect with an American. Contact Bonnie Gisler, 503-569-5719. or Rhawn Krogh, 541-760-2144 for a program overview.

DAILY BREAD: The March through April devotionals are on the tables by the Sanctuary doors.

ELDERS PRAYER: Are you sick or in need of prayer? Call on the Elders of your church to pray and anoint you with oil. The Elders are available at each Saturday Night Prayer Meeting and on Sundays after the service. For more info email Pastor Rick at

HOUSE CHURCHES: House Churches are a great opportunity to get involved with a smaller community that will bring accountability and personal growth. If you are not in a House Church, browse to find a community to get plugged into, or call John Carbonaro at 1-808-281-1597 for help.

TWITTER: You can follow pastor Rob on Twitter, @corvallispastor.


  • Potter’s Field – March 15th
  • Passover Week – April 3rd-11th
  • Good Friday Noon Service – April 3rd
  • Easter – April 5th
  • Spring College Retreat – May 8th-10th
  • Men’s Conference – July 18th
  • Middle & High School Camp – August 4-7th

CALVARY HEALTH POLICIES: To keep our church body healthy please respect the following:

  • If you or your child are feeling sick or have had a fever within the last 48 hours, please rest at home. Pastor Rob’s video and audio studies are available on-line.
  • The Family Room is NOT intended for sick children.

MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDY: Will be in the Middle School Room. Cody, 541-752-2851.
HIGH SCHOOL STUDY: Will be in the High School Room. Jake, 541-752-2851.
SINGLE MOM’S FELLOWSHIP: 12:15 pm in Room #207. Childcare is provided. April, 541-753-4175.
SPANISH SPEAKING SERVICE: 2 pm in the Prayer Chapel. Pastor Moy, 541-971-2578.

MORNING OFFERING PRAYER: Join John Carbonaro from 6-7 am in the Prayer Chapel.
MEN’S BIBLE STUDY: 7-9 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room. Lynn, 541-990-3131.

MORNING OFFERING PRAYER: Join Tom Ewers from 6-7 am in the Prayer Chapel.
WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY/LUNCH: 9 am-noon in the Women’s Ministry Room. Childcare is provided. Cindy, 541-752-2851.
COLLEGE REAL LIFE BIBLE STUDY: 7-9 pm in Snell Hall/International Forum. Pastor Ryan, 541-752-2851.

MORNING OFFERING PRAYER: Join Randall from 6-7 am in the Prayer Chapel.
MIDDLE SCHOOL MIDWEEK: 7-9 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room. Cody, 541-752-2851.
HIGH SCHOOL MIDWEEK: 7-9 pm in the High School Room. Jake, 541-752-2851.

MORNING OFFERING PRAYER: Join the staff of Calvary Chapel from 7-8 am in the Multi-Purpose Room.

MORNING OFFERING PRAYER: Join Allan Fleming from 6-7 am in the Prayer Chapel.

MEN’S MORNING BIBLE STUDY: 7:30-9 am at Monkey Fridays in the Two Rivers Market Albany. Jay, 541-974-5393.
BREAK EVERY CHAIN: 4-5:30 pm, healing from your hurts, habits and hang-ups in the Multi-Purpose Room. Contact Jerry Bumgarner, 5441-990-5762 or Monica, 541-591-8846.
CHURCH PRAYER MEETING: 6-7:30 pm in the Prayer Chapel. Childcare is provided for 2 years old through 5th grade.