Middle School Group

When you spend time with the Middle School Fellowship at Calvary Corvallis you will quickly come to understand Pastor Cody’s heart for the middle schoolers. It is his greatest desire for the kids to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and live boldly because of what Jesus did for them.

At the Middle School Group kids are taught straight from the Bible in a fun & interactive way so that they can grab hold of God’s truth & learn how to live it out in their own lives.

Meet Middle School Pastor Cody Smith


Cambodia Team
As most of you know a majority of our Middle School leaders are on a mission trip to Cambodia.
We ARE still meeting in their absence! Please encourage your middle schoolers to attend our two weekly meetings, Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings!

Parent Volunteers Needed!
For this year’s summer camp we are wanting to carpool to Aldersgate and need as many parents to help as possible! If you are available and willing to help, please email us at calvarycorvallismiddleschool@gmail.com!

Weekly Meetings:

Sunday Morning:
Summer is here and that means it’s time for outdoor services. During the Summer months the Middle Schoolers will join the adults in the amphitheater for worship on Sunday mornings, and then be dismissed to go to our new youth room for our own time of Bible study.

Wednesday Night Bible Study:
Every Wednesday night we meet from 7-9 at the church in the multi-purpose room (under the balcony) for Games, Fellowship, Prayer, Worship, and the Reading of the Word! Join us as we jump into God’s Word, studying what it means to be a follower of Jesus!

Upcoming Events

Summer Camp
This summer we are again joining together with our Highschool youth group for summer camp. It will be August 9-12 at Aldersgate Retreat Center. We will have more information soon!

You events team is working on some great ideas for events. Check back here soon for more info!

For more information about the Middle School Group please call the youth office at (541) 752-2851 or send us an email.
Also check out our facebook page – Middle School FB Page